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Taireki Profile

Organization Name

Official Name:Tokuteihierikatsudohoujin NPO Taito Cultural and Historical Society
English Name:Taito Cultural & Historical Society
Abbreviated Name:taireki
English Abbreviation:TaCHS


6-1-29 Yanaka, Taito-ku Tokyo Kayaba Coffee House


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Access(Kayaba Coffee House Office):
10 minute walk from JR Nippori St、Uguisudani St、Ueno St
or Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nezu
Megurin Bus Kyu-Yoshidaya Sake-ten


Action Plan

With the cooperation of residents and specialists, we act to carry out the following 5 points.


(1) Management and Use
Planning and proposing preservation of historical buildings
(2) Research
Research for renovating buildings and lifestyle in the town
(3) Meetings and Gatherings
Organizing educational and cultural gatherings
(4) Information
Sending bulletins and mail on activities related to the area
(5) Discussion
Consulting and giving advice regarding living in traditional houses

Bringing together a tranquil town and cultural lifestyle


In Tokyo's old neighborhoods of Yanaka, Taito-ku and the surrounding area in Tokyo, the tradition of helping one’s neighbors lives on. What has supported this is their effort as a community to be attentive to the surrounding houses and streets. Even the plants lining the street give residents a reason to stop and talk. In today’s world of excess privacy, people the world over are unhappy because they are disconnected from their neighbors. Our organization strives to revitalize the culture of life in the old houses and towns and the wisdom to live with each other and various neighbors throughout the world.


Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts

Primary Chairperson Masaru Maeno

Board of Directors・Advisors

Mizuo Miyamoto
Vice Chair
Akiko Shihara
Fumi Nakamura
Mizue Kita
Naohiro Kobayashi
Ryuichi Shimane
Akira Sugawara
Masakazu Tanaka
Izuru Nakamura
Yuzi Kimura
Kinzi Hoshino
Kozo Noike(Yanaka Neighborhood Association Group Chairperson)
Shomyo Urai(History)
Isao Sakamoto(Wooden Buildings)
Yukio Nishimura(City Planning)