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Ueno no Oyama Discovery Courses

Since days of old, Ueno Park has been affectionately referred to as the sacred space “Ueno no Oyama”, or Ueno Mountain . The park was originally the area belonging to Kanei-ji Temple. It is currently home to museums, galleries, concert halls, the Ueno Zoo, and the lovely Shinobazu Ike pond. It is a restful place surrounded by both nature and culture. We aim to rediscover Ueno no Oyama with the help of experts on the area. Discovery courses include the Modern Architecture of Ueno course among others.

Discovery Courses

「Edosenke Tea Ceremony Houses」

「Uneo Park and Surrounding Architecture」

「Kaneiji Temple and Okada Shinichiro」

「Okakura Tenshin and Tokyo University of the Arts」

「Kaneji Temple and Tokugawa Shogun Grave Site」

「Traditional Craftsman Workshops」

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